“If you are not speaking your own truth, you will never be able to be all you are meant to be.”

Oprah Winfrey


Speak Your Truth
3-Day LIVE with Susan Kerby

Discover the words that share your Soul’s truth so your message will be received by the world.

Unleash your natural charisma and be compelling on any stage, and in any selling situation.

Shift ingrained patterns that are lurking and still sabotaging your success.

Speak your Soul’s truth with power and grace, freely attracting ever more business.
Craft talks to offer the truth that is yours alone to offer and consistently have audiences saying to themselves, “I want that!”

Your truth can change lives, only if it is spoken.

Meet Susan Kerby

 Award Winning Speaker. International Best Selling Author. Master Speaker Trainer.

Susan Kerby is a speaker and master speaker trainer who speaks about how to get your authentic voice out into the world to small business owners and corporate professionals. During her 25-year speaking career, Susan has worked with publicly traded companies, international training organizations and icons of public speaking.

An award-winning speaker who has transformed over 15,000 lives from stage, she has written countless talks with clients in over 20 different industries. Committed to honor, belonging and enchanted play, Susan has a Divine gift for translating and simplifying your unique message into a memorable talk that consistently has audiences saying to themselves, “I Want That!”

Susan Kerby believes miracles happen when you speak from your soul. After losing her home and a lifetime of possessions in a wildfire, Susan shares her own growth through transition and the importance of sharing your story to inspire others.


“It didn’t take long for me to recognize that Susan’s gift of bringing out our true gifts and giving us permission to shine was just what I needed.  I can’t thank Susan enough for all she’s done to improve my life, my business, and my bottom line!”   Lia Dunlap, The Oracle on Purpose 


“After 3 days at Speak and Shine Your Light, I feel so aligned with my message and the response has been wonderful!  At a networking event, I got as far as, “I show people how to have compassion for their anxiety” and a woman literally threw her arms around me and said, “I love you, I need this!”  I was stunned.    Another woman blurted out in the middle of our conversation, “Can I hire you?” -which has never happened before – and she signed up for a VIP session!”  Lynn Hauka, Quit the Crazy


“Speak and Shine Your Light helped me get in my body, speak from my heart and find my fun in my delivery. In the past, I was told not to laugh in my speech.  Susan gave me permission to be myself, have fun with my audience and laugh together.  In a recent speech contest I made it to the finals and delivered 7 minutes of a 20 minute speech on stress that was captivating. I was just getting to my 2nd secret on how to have stress go around you instead of through you when the buzzer went off and the judges didn’t want me to stop!  They loved it.  They said I was so comfortable in my body and my laugh was infectious.   I won 2nd place and won a $2,000 paid speaking gig and a publishing contract for my next book. I knew what I was going to say and trusted it would come from my heart and I was totally comfortable with that.”  Lorri Lockyer, MSc, Women’s Wellness Expert and Author


“Right after our 5-day Radiance, I delivered my talk. I had four people wanting sessions and two for packages! I was thrilled! The money part was not on my list of what I wanted to accomplish; from the beginning I said the money will come – the understanding for what I was sharing to my people was critical. And understand me they did! I was even asked back to give my presentation again, and was given a reference for another talk.”  Bonnie Dysinger, Gentle Touch Healing

“Susan is truly a gift. I literally went from making $0 for months to making $16k in one month, all because of being in Susan’s program!  When she says that she counts on the miracle happening in the middle, she means it!  Miracles happen around Susan Kerby; they happened for me, and I see them happen for everyone that comes through her Luminary Programs.”   Shawnrey Notto, Elevate Your Event